Noir Caviar

Modern day styling, such as highlighting, colouring, straightening, curling and blow drying can play havoc with your hair, causing it to become dry, brittle, coarse and lacklustre. Whether you have your hair coloured every 6 weeks, blow dry or straighten it on a regular basis, it is essential that you give your hair some serious TLC to replenish it with vital nutrients and restore it back to optimal condition.

Influenced by the advancements in skin care, but refined to transform the hair, Revolution Hair Concepts has developed Noir Caviar, a nutrient rich rejuvenation and reconstructive treatment that will help to renew dry, damaged and lacklustre hair.

Noir Caviar incorporates a unique C3 TRIFECTA™ of Caviar, Collagen and Ceramides that help to stimulate and strengthen the hair follicle. C3 recharges dry, damaged and lacklustre hair above and underneath the scalp to rejuvenate your tresses.

Noir Caviar offers a luxurious in-salon treatment to restore your hair back to optimum condition. Used as part of a regular hair care regime, Noir Caviar’s unique hair care system will physically change the structure of your hair. Essentially, it is a prescriptive facial for the hair, providing all the attributes of youth, lustre, elasticity and reparative qualities in one single treatment.

Noir Caviar also offers a 3 step retail range, which includes the Noir Caviar Anti-Age Restorative Cleanser (250ml), Anti-Age Restorative Moisturiser (200ml) and Anti-Age Restorative Styling Crème (150ml) to provide the perfect home 'hacial'.

Say goodbye to dry, damaged and lacklustre hair and hello to super nourished locks that are full of vitality and bounce with plenty of swish!

Anti-age Restorative Cleanser250ml

Gently replenishes moisture and improves overall manageability

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Anti-age Restorative Moisturiser200ml

Renews softness, shine, and manageability

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Anti-age Restorative Styling Crème

Repair and hydrate at a luxuriant level in one easy step.

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Anti-Age Detoxifying Cleanser500ml

Don’t pass your prime. Removes build-up and impurities with a mild cleansing action.

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Anti-Age Restorative Hair Treatment40ml

Designed to rejuvenate, restore and beautify lacklustre hair

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